2024 All Conference

* denotes Unanimous Selection

Red Conference

Co-Coaches of the Year: John Penilla, SLUH & Brett Walters, The Ville
Player of the Year: Ian Conway, Parkway Central

First Team

Aiden Brawer, SLUH*
Matt Wedlock, Kirkwood
Trent Batten, The Ville
Noah Schott, Layfayette
Evan Zimmerman, SLUH
Tyler Bryant, Parkway Central

Goalie: Ian Conway, Parkway Central

Second Team

Christian Marren, CBC
Nick Zimmerman, SLUH
Alan Conway Parkway Central
Owen Waeckerle, Layfayette
Ben Pantazo The Ville,
Ben Livak, Parkway West

Goalie: Josh Niermann, SLUH

Third Team

Jacob Whitson Kirkwood
Danny McAuliffe, SLUH
Jacob Pantazo, The Ville
Oliver Nichols, DeSmet
Peyton Dimmock, Parkway Central
Charlie Stirrat, Parkway West

Goalie: Harrison Stout, Lindbergh

Blue Conference

Coach of the Year: Andrew Schmitt, Chaminade
Player of the Year: Michael Sadasivam, John Burroughs

First Team

Jeremiah Koenig, Parkway South
Patrick McCollum, Parkway North
Mikey Skale, Chaminade
Grant Petruska, Chaminade
Graham Engler, John Burroughs
Austin Theodos, John Burroughs

Goalie: Michael Sadasivam, John Burroughs

Second Team

Logan Finn, Pattonville
Jack McDowell, Clayton
Oscar Kuthe, Rockwood Summit
Neveah Kerber, Marquette
Tyler Chaney, Chaminade,
Wells Wimberley, Parkway South

Goalie: Chernet Kelrick, Chaminade

Third Team

Hunter Michelak, Chaminade
George Swayne, Rockwood Summit
Boone Bundridge, Marquette
Ethan Abkemeier, Rockwood Summit
Hunter Wilson, Clayton
Mary Wolf-Slinkard, Parkway North
Joey Esposito, John Burroughs

Goalie: Max Yamilov, Clayton

Yellow Conference

Coach of the Year: Sarah Horne, The Ville
Player of the Year: Neveah Kerber, Marquette

First Team

Neveah Kerber, Marquette
Mary Wolf-Slinkard, Parkway North
Alexa Matoushek, The Ville
Talia Ramsey, Lafayette
Alex Thornton, Lindbergh
Cassidy Kerber, Marquette

Goalie: Olivia Brzyski, Marquette

Second Team

Heidi Hunter, Lindbergh
Chloe Inion, Kirkwood
Kaylee Nguyen, The Ville
Octavia Durnin, Kirkwood
Marin Hugge, Parkway North
Caitlin Schuerman, Parkway North

Goalie: Hannah Deeter, Lindbergh

Third Team

Morgan Clark, Lafayette
Sydney Barkley, Marquette
Hailee Conway, The Ville
Peyton Muckenthaler, Lindbergh
Gianna Francis, Ladue
Alexia Monticone, Marquette

Goalie: Megan Mueller, Parkway North