28 Nov 2013

1st Annual MO water polo Alumni Tournament

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Announcing the 1st annual Missouri Water Polo tournament.
Get your old teammates together and see who still has it in them to take on that old rival.
I say tournament but I realize we may not get enough together for that, or that some people are not in good enough shape to last for multiple games. Also we will do shortened quarters to make sure no one has a heart attack.
This is a fundraiser for Missouri water polo, all we are asking for is a 10 dollar donation per player.
This will take place on Saturday Dec 21st, most likely at MICDs but it depends on the number of teams who are interested, as well as the times.

Also If any refs are interested in donating their time for a game or too it would be much appreciated.

Please email me if you plan on getting a team together. As well as letting me know rosters, for seeding purposes.

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