12 Dec 2014

MO Water Polo Alumni invite update

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The 2nd annual MO Water polo alumni invite is set for a week from Tomorrow.
Saturday December 20th.
The event location has had to move to Parkway West and the games will not be until after 2 pm.

What is the schedule of games you ask?
Well I am still hoping for more teams to enter so we can have more games.

As of now we have an Over 40 team, Desmet, P West and P South teams.
With some rumors of MICDS and SLUH.

Now the same thing happened last year where 3-4 teams came out of the woodwork in the week before but I wanted to send out a reminder.

Let me know if you have a team you want to get together, be it High School Alumni or some other cobbled together team.
Come on, it’s Shallow deep, it won’t be that hard right?
$5 donation to play, fans are free.

As soon as I get a full count on teams I’ll put out a plea for help on reffing.

Thanks and let me know.

John O’Sullivan

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