01 Apr 2013

2013 Top Ten – Week 3

2 DeSmet
3 – T Kirkwood
3 – T Parkway West
6 Ladue
7 Parkway South
8 Lindbergh
9 John Burroughs
10 Parkway North
RV Lafayette
RV Oakville
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3 Responses to 2013 Top Ten – Week 3
  1. I’ve seen a few team play this year. It will be hard to slip a piece of paper between the top 5 or 6. They will learn a lot about each other as they play head-to-head.

    The past few years it has been one or two teams at the top. This year it appears more balanced between more teams – because polo is growing in significance. At the end of the year it may come down to who shows up healthiest. Anyone that doesn’t pay attention this year will wish they had. It’ll be a very competitive year and little things will be important.

  2. Rankings fairly close to what i would have. Slight adjustments, that Parkway West should be ranked ahead of Kirkwood. They flat out beat them in the second half of their match. Drop Kirkwood down to number 4 and move Eureka into the top 10 and the accuracy would meet my agreement. This could be a wide open year for anyone of the top 5 teams. All have glaring weaknesses. SLUH simply does not have the starting lineup to jump on anyone. While their depth is by far the strongest, their main issue may be finding which hands are hot on a given day, fast enough to stay in a match with a top team. DeSmet just does not seem to have the physical toughness to win a physical game and can be intimidated. Let them play speed and finesse and they will pinball you all over the pool and blow you out before you finish drying off. Parkway West is the team that scares me. Losing key players after a state championship is always a concern, but they are getting better each match. They already know how to win and have the poise. Given the experience their younger players are getting each match, they could repeat. Kirkwood has major goalkeeper issues and the coaches are struggling to put out a solid lineup. Without mentioning names, they seem to be playing a man down even when at full strength. With that said, if they get hot, they could win it all….but without any type of depth and consistent goalie, they also are the most capable of turning in a sub-par performance. MICDS, is a year away. They are very good but clearly not in the top 3. They are capable of knocking off Kirkwood on a given day, but they are just that team in the middle….the best team between the top 4 and the mix of teams from 6 on.

  3. How in any way, shape, or form is MICDS “a year away”…

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