12 Jul 2018

Clayton Tournament Schedule – This Weekend

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JULY 13 – 15, 2018

A Bracket                                                                B Bracket

Croatia – Clayton                                                   City of Chicago
Columbus                                                              France – Clayton
Team Chicago                                                       Hellfish
Jungle Cats                                                           SLAP (Clayton 18-U)

Friday, July 13

6:00 Croatia vs. Jungle Cats
7:00 France vs. Hellcats
8:00 City of Chicago vs. SLAP

Saturday, July 14

12:00 Columbus vs. Team Chicago 7:00 A2 vs B1
1:00 Clayton A vs. City of Chicago 8:00 A4 vs. B4
2:00 SLAP vs. Hellcats 9:00 A1 vs B2
3:00 Jungle Cats vs. Team Chicago 10:00 A3 vs B3
4:00 Croatia vs. Columbus 11:00 A2 vs B2
5:00 City of Chicago vs. Hellcats 12:00 A1 vs B1
6:00 France vs. SLAP 1:00 A3 vs B4
7:00 Croatia vs. Team Chicago . 2:00 A4 vs B3
8:00 Columbus vs. Jungle Cats

Sunday, July 15

7:00  A2 vs B1

8:00  A4 vs. B4

9:00  A1 vs B2

10:00  A3 vs B3

11:00  A2 vs B2

12:00  A1 vs B1

1:00  A3 vs B4

2:00  A4 vs B3




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  1. In the High School State Champions history part in this Web in the year 1967, Clayton won 10 to 6 against University City in the Finals. You put Ladue in this list as a second place team. Ladue was never in this finals. Please change this thing. And ask Rich Davison and Jeff Spector as they had been in this past game! Thank You! Kenny D.

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