01 Jul 2012

Name the conferences


As posted earlier, we have new conferences.  These new conferences need names.  We want to see what you would name the conferences.  Reply to this post with your ideas.  The best suggestions will go before the coaches for approval.  As a reminder, the conferences are:

A: SLUH, DeSmet, CBC, Marquette, Lafayette, Ft. Zumwalt West
B: Lindbergh, Eureka, Parkway South, Mehlville, Oakville, Pattonville
C: Kirkwood, Parkway North, Chaminade, Summit, Parkway Central, Parkway West
D: Ladue, University City, Clayton, MICDS, John Burroughs

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6 Responses to Name the conferences
  1. A. Point
    B. Four
    C. Three
    D. Six

    (Yeah I know, but it is still better than the names for the Big Ten.)

  2. A. Arch
    B. Southern
    C. River
    D. Metro

  3. A. Pierre Laclede
    B. Auguste Chouteau
    C. Meriwether Lewis
    D. William Clark

  4. A few options (some not so serious):

    A) Gold A) Kiel (or Peabody) A) Zoo A) Queeny A) Mississippi
    B) Red B) Fox B) Art B) Tilles B) Missouri
    C ) White C) Powell C) History C) Forest C) Meramec
    D) Blue D) Muny D) Science D) Laumier D) Des Peres

    A) 55 A) 70 A) Bauer
    B) 64 B) 170 B) Lundt
    C) 44 C) 270 C) Nielson
    D) 70 D) 370 D) Pohlman

  5. Named after the Beatles? Those are placeholder names, right?

    Oh boy.

  6. Shouldn’t Affton be in the Yoko Conference?

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